Raising Healthy Families In Unhealthy Times

Raising Healthy Families In Unhealthy Times

Today I am interviewed by Shirley Plant, whole food Nutritionist and cook book author from Ottawa around how we can empower more families to raise their families well in the world we live in today.

As parents, or carers, we have more stress and pressure on us to do it all and get it right and often it is really confusing and there is so much conflicting information out there.

We talk around how we can help create healthy food cultures in your family, encouraging picky eaters to try more colours of the rainbow, how to be kinder to ourselves as parents and how to create guiding principles that your family can live by, versus a whole heap of rules that you need to follow.

Our children are watching every move we make as parents or mentors in their lives. So we talk about how we can start making small upgrades for you and your family, that will last a lifetime.

The best gift that we can give our next generation, is to live our healthiest and best life and be the example, not a warning.

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