How To Raise A Healthy Family In Unhealthy Times

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Brimming with warmth, wisdom and common sense, Raising Healthy Families in Unhealthy Times is an excellent guide for modern families seeking health and wholeness,
- Dr Sarah Buckley

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Raising Healthy Families Will Help You:

  • Create beautiful connections with your children
  • Help prepare you for first time birth and parenting... with a smile 
  • Bring balance to you and your family


Pre Conception Care &
Natural Birth

Creating Magical

Removing Stress
From Babies

Connecting With
Your Child

Nutrition Guidance
& First Foods

Riding The Emotions Of
Pregnancy And Still Smiling


"...filled with tips and tools for any busy woman"

I am blessed to call Kate a dear friend and one of my role models as a mother! She continually inspires me with her beautiful family and the lifestyle she has created around raising her children consciously in a society that dictates otherwise.
This book is filled with tips and tools for any busy woman living in the real world, juggling many hats in life. Enjoy!

Rachelle Starr-Tolman 
Mumma of 1

"... successfully and beautifully birthed at home"

Thank you for graciously sharing your vast knowledge regarding birthing, diet, family nutrition and preparation for birth, as well as advice on handling a new baby!! Thanks to Kates' input, I successfully and beautifully birthed at home, largely due to good diet and health prep. I have applied all of Kate's advice to the entire family and we are all THRIVING, especially our new addition. Much love to you for the special care you provided.

Rikki-May Neilsen 
Mumma of 2

"...forever change your concept of childbirth and parenting."

You are about to read a book that will forever change your concept of childbirth and parenting. Kates incredible knowledge and wisdom will introduce you to a whole new way of looking at bringing healthy, happy babies into the world
My wish is that all pregnant women read "Raising Healthy Families in Unhealthy Times" and heed it's wisdom.

Sandra Cooper 
Mumma of 2


Author Kate Gollé has coached over 300 wellness doctors internationally, empowering people to experience radiant health with simple yet effective proven strategies. 

She draws on this wealth of experience as a role model to moms wanting to pursue their passion, career, and purpose while being an exceptional wife and mother. 

Kate has created an easy-to-use guide that humorously presents a raw, honest, wholesome approach for parents about essentials the essentials for raising a healthy family.