I often speak with people who have big dreams, goals and aspirations and who say they want success. In my experience though, wanting it and being willing to take the actions to achieve success are two very different things.

This picture popped up recently as a memory from 2014 and was a reminder of this very thing.

It might not look like much, but it means the world to me. Its a picture me on the side of the road in freezing cold Manchester, UK after getting a flat tyre on our way to a business event with two amazing women and business mentors of mine Emma Sneddon and Linda Evenden.

I’m hunched down with my notebook on my phone, helping someone join our business and Emma managed to capture the moment, which i am so grateful for.
Why do I share this with you? Well, 6 years ago, I had a dream, a hope and a vision for the life that Anthony, my husband and I wanted to create for ourselves and our family. To have more quality time together, less stress, less overheads, more magic moment  deep relationships with the people who really matter and to be able to continue to make an impact on the health and wellbeing of as many people as possible.

I knew that in order to create the vision that we had, we weren’t going to get there doing the same thing that we had been doing until then. So, Linda and I jumped on a plane to the UK to learn and be inspired by others already creating what is was that we wanted. People who had gone before us, created the success we desired and who were kind enough to open up their homes and hearts to share what it was that took them from dreaming, to making their dreams reality.

What I learned was that the hard work they put in, wasn’t at all glamorous, easy or comfortable, but the results were so darned worth it.

A friend and mentor of mine Loren Lahav, says that success is all about being ‘patiently persistent’. And the unfortunate thing is that too many people want things to happen fast, now, even yesterday and they aren’t prepared to put in the time, face the fear and setbacks in order to get where they want to go. Too many people give up too quickly.
So my question to you is, how bad do you want it? What if it was going to take 6 years or even 10 years to get to where you really wanted to go? And what if you potentially had to suck at what you did, until you got great at it? Would you back yourself and stick with your goals and your vision? Or give up when the results weren’t working in your favour quickly enough, or when someone had a difference of opinion?
My wish and hope for you is that would back yourself .
I look at the life that we have been able to create over this time and I’m deeply grateful. Not for just how we get to live life each day now, but for also every set back, no, doubt, awkward learning, sacrifice or supposed ‘failure’ that happened along the way. And it inspires me even more to help others create that success for themselves too.
Because everything in life can either be ‘on the way’ to your success, or ‘in the way’ of your success and only you get to decide which way it will be.

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